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Blog Action Day – Roz Talks About eCards And The Environment

October 15th, 2007 by roz

With Blog Action Day upon us, I am forced to take stock and consider whether or not my online Judaic eCards Club ( Say It With eCards / ) helps or hinders the environment.

With more and more people regularly online and/or having access to computers through relatives, friends, businesses, Cyber Cafes, libraries, schools, etc. electronic Greetings — fondly known as eCards — are becoming the norm.

More and more people have become accustomed to doing their correspondance and business mailings online as it is “in the moment”  and they can literally reach a recipient from one end of the world to the other in just a few moments. 

Life happens… and it is literally impossible to get a paper card to a recipient in time when one of “life’s unexpected situations — happy as well as sad” happens!

I have also noticed that people are sending their holiday eCards literally hours and sometimes minutes before a holiday begins because of the speed of communicating electronically.

This is a gigantic plus for the environment because eCards:

  • Eliminate the paper of the greeting card itself as eCards are electronic and the only time they are printed is when the recipient wants to save them as a momento.
  • Eliminate the paper of the evenlope.  Everything except post cards are sent in paper envelopes.  Even if the paper greeting card is kept, the envelope is more often than not thrown out in the trash.
  • Elimnate the paper of the stamp and stamp backing from the self-stick stamps.  No stamps would be used as the eCards are sent electronically.
  • Elminate the fumes from the gasoline used when the sender travels to the store or mall to purchase their greeting cards

Using eCards are Win/Win!

Please visit:

Say It With eCards
to start sending your Judaic eCards and start helping to save the environment.

As well… Won’t you join Blog Action Day and make a difference!  Share your thoughts on the environment and how you can make a difference.  You are no doubt doing something now with little or no effort!

Go to and sign up.

HELP US to bring awareness to saving the environment. WE CAN ALL help!

Warm regards,


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