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Judaic eCards to Celebrate Fall or Autumn – Your Choice

September 22nd, 2007 by roz

Jewish people are people too.  It is my goal to provide a unique, artsy and tasteful way for the Jewish Community to communicate online.

For the above reason I do my best to design and create Judaic Themed eCards for any and all occasions and acknowledgements that I can tastefully portray within a Judaic Theme. 

Fall Begins… Sunday, September 23, 2007

With this said below are the links to my Say It With eCards Fall and Autumn Judaic Themed eCards collection.  I designed and created eCards for both Fall and Autumn even though they are the same time of year.  However, each name makes me visualize different things. 


  • a chill in the air and shorter days


  • breathtaking beauty as the leaves change color before falling from the tree
  • long relaxing walks to think (or not) while admiring G-d’s free gifts of nature


Say It With eCards / to view and send your Fall eCards / Autumn eCards.

Judaic Themed Autumn eCards

Judaic Themed Fall eCards



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