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Free Shavuot eCards From Say It With eCards

May 20th, 2007 by roz

Although Say It With eCards Judaic Greetings is a fee-based Judaic eCards Club, I am offering a FREE Shavuot eCard / FREE Hebrew Shavuot eCard in order to give back to the online Jewish Community and those desiring to send Judaic eCards.


I wish I could offer more free designs, but this is my ONLY source of income and I spend from 12-18 hours a day providing the Say It With eCards service — whether it be thinking up new ideas for ecards, designing, out and about taking digital photographs to inspire or use on the website or physically working on the website itself.  I wish I could educate people that free is not always better and those offering such services are not always doing it as a hobby! 

Say It With eCards is the largest Judaic eCard site on the web.  It now offers over 2,700 Judaic eCards and grows almost daily because of my own passion to provide better Online Communication for the Jewish Community and those desiring to send Judaic eCards. Besides my greatest pleasure comes from making something beautiful from sometimes nothing at all or the ugliest images.  It’s mystifying to me as I just discovered my flair for digital design about 7-8 years ago.

IF I were rich or even comfortable, it would be my pleasure to offer more of my designs free, but I’m not and I live from day-to-day until the site gets off the ground.  My biggest competition are those offering free eCards and those sending them!  CONSIDER THIS: One would not go into a brick and mortar (physical store) and tell the proprietor “I’m not buying from you because I have to pay you!”

Please visit:

Say It With eCards /

The FREE Hebrew Shavuot eCard is on the very top of the site.  You can’t miss it!  Enjoy your holiday!

Gut Yomtov in Advance.

Roz Fruchtman

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