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Roz Says: Wear Red Day Flops for eCard Sending

February 7th, 2007 by roz

Wear Red Day for Women, The Outcome…

I am really baffled about this. I misguidedly thought Wear Red Day aka Wear Red Dress Day aka Go Red For Women Day would be a great time to get the word out that Heart Disease is the Number One (#1) Killer of Women. WRONG!!!

Since my eCard Club, Say It With eCards is primarily Judaic themed… I made it a point to create a variety of Go Red eCards just for the occasion — Judaic themed as well as non-Judaic themed. 30 Go Red eCards in all. While most of the Wear Red eCards were in the member area and required a fee, there were TWO (2) prominently placed at the top of the Say It With eCards home page that were “ABSOLUTELY FREE” for the sending. No strings attached!

The Go Red for Women eCards were created in enough flavors (a variety of phrases) to be appropriate for sending to just about anyone – for business or personal sending.

My site is well positioned in the engines, but received less traffic on this day than if I did not promote it at all. I am baffled about this. It is one thing for people to come and not send the cards, but for them to not come at all was a shock.

Here in NYC the news media did NOT make the big deal of Wear Red Day as they have in years past. The first I heard about it — via the media on TV — was on Friday morning, February 2, 2007 — the actual day of the event. National Go Red Day for Women usually kicks off Fashion Week here in NYC. The event was attended by many of the rich and famous including the First Lady, Laura Bush.

MY FIRST QUESTION: Why was it NOT promoted earlier in the week?

MY SECOND QUESTION: Why are people ignoring the issue. I did my best to get the word out in my own Internet circle, reaching out to those I know and asking them to share?

Earlier in the week I had tried to get the attention of organizations related to Heart Disease to no avail. They see people like me as trying to capitalize my own business using the cause at a catalyst. This is the second time this happened to me and I think it will be a learning experience to not waste time where my/our efforts are not appreciated.

In my opinion, at the least on my end… Go Red Day for Women was a flop as far as eCards were concerned.  It’s amazing how fast a joke or virus hoax or God Knows What scam could make its way — via the Internet and Media — around the world in a few hours, when a cause to help save women’s lives passes quietly by with almost no attention.

This is just my own opinion, but one I felt I wanted to publicly voice!

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