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Illness and Get Well Wishes – A Say It With eCards Thought

January 15th, 2007 by roz

Recently a friend asked us to pray for a colleague and friend of his that we all know.  Not knowing what her real situation is I have no idea if she is ill at home or in the hospital, whether she has Internet access or is too ill to log on.

However, it occurred to me a moment ago, IF I did know the answer to the above questions and she did have Internet access, I could schedule a cheery get well card for her to receive daily to know that I was thinking of her.

My point…  At Say It With eCards members have the ability to “schedule eCards in advance.”  The card will be sent on the day you tell it to send it.

Imagine what it could mean to someone ill to know that you were thinking of them and took the time to make sure they knew it.

All of us have been ill at one time or another — whether seriously or just a horrible flu.  Wouldn’t it have been a nice diversion to know that someone was thinking of us and wishing us well!  An eCard is so unobtrusive as we can read it at our leisure and not be bothered having to talk when we were not up to it!

Consider this… sometimes we are too ill to go to the mailbox or do not have someone to go for us, but we can have access to a computer in the house or even a laptop while in bed!

Surf on over to Say It With eCards and explore our Get Well Collection.

NOTE:  In some cases… Perhaps everyday might be too often to send an eCard.  You can adjust it to what you feel would be appropriate for your needs!  The point is, it can be done, and it could mean a great deal to your recipient!

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