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Happy New Year 2007 From Roz Fruchtman and Say It With eCards

December 31st, 2006 by roz

I wanted to take a moment to just wish everyone a very Happy New
Year 2007.  May be all be here next year to do it all over again!

Sometimes the smallest effort on our parts mean so much to the
recipient.  I would like to share something with you.

My friend invited me for Christmas, but for my own personal
reason I chose to stay home.  I knew I would have a fabulous
time, but I stayed home.  I did say off-handedly, when she was in
the neighborhood she could bring me a plate! She said ok, and I
forgot all about it.

Friday morning my phone rang and it was my friend.  I may have
forgotten, but she did not.   On her way to the movies she
dropped off a tremendous plate.  I had Christmas dinner for two
days!  This is what friends do.

Ok, we all can’t bring dinners to our friends.  Some of our
friends live on the other side of the world.  But WE CAN take a
moment to send an eCard to say “Hi, I am thinking of you!”

Surf on over to Say It With eCards and have a look see.

Visit: Say It With eCards /

BTW, I just designed a special card to send to my friends.  I
wanted something that was from me and not from the card site.
Although you won’t see Say It With eCards Greetings coming and
going, I just wanted something between me and them.  YOU do not
have to do that… YOU HAVE ME!!! I have done it for you with
over 1,800 Judaic eCard selections.

Visit:  Say It With eCards /

Enjoy!  Roz

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