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eCards or eViruses – That is the question!

October 4th, 2006 by roz

While I have heard of the hackers sending viruses disguised as eCards, only recently I have become more aware of the dangers.

Even the top eCard Clubs have had their domains cloaked by hackers. One MUST be forever diligent BEFORE clicking on any link contained in an email from a stranger — Even IF “you think” you know the eCard website the eCard is “supposedly” coming from.

NO eCard Notification will ever come with an *.exe (executable) file attached to it. An executable file is like a program file that will do something or download something or install something on your computer when clicked on.

BEWARE… In your email program “View Source” before you click on any suspicious link. IF you do not know how to view source on your particular email client, try right clicking and seeing if there is an option to view source, or look in your email client’s help file.

At Say It With eCards YOUR name will appear in the subject line of the email notification sent to ALL your recipients.

Posted by Roz Fruchtman / The Greeting Card Maven

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