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Judaic eCards – Money vs Feelings (before it is too late)

June 9th, 2007 by roz

Most of you know that I own and run a Judaic eCard Club:

Say It With eCards / (offering more than 2,800 Judaic eCards)

Say It With eCards is my life’s passion as it enables me to provide an artsy and tasteful way for the Jewish Community to communicate “spontaneously… in the moment!”

IT IS… all about the feelings!


A friend told me a story just last night…

Her sister-in-law had sent her a “snail-mail” birthday card.  My friend tried to call her a number of times to thank her and discuss other things.  The sister-in-law was either not home or busy.  With my friend’s busy life, she got distracted and they never connected.

Next thing my friend knew… she received a phone call that her sister-in-law “suddenly passed away.”

My point…  eCards ARE important.  They are:

  • quick — takes just a few moments
  • immediate — you can be sure your recipient will receive your eCard the next time they are online
  • spontaneous — you can send in-the-moment when something occurs or you suddenly think of the person
  • in-the-moment — life happens…  YOU can NOW be there in-the-moment when you can’t be in person
  • appreciated — your recipients will be thrilled to know you thought of them (Your eCard might be the ONLY sunshine on an otherwise gloomy day!)
  • satisfying — you know you ARE there in-the-moment via an eCard when you can’t be in person

While my story IS true, you might think it a little extreme.  I know in MY OWN everyday life, time after time, it is brought home to me just how fragile life is.  For sure, life is fragile enough for me to say:  “here today, gone tomorrow!”  PLEASE DO NOT let “life’s precious moments pass you by!”

BE SPONTANEOUS!  It might be too late when you finally do get around to be! (For my friend… the moment to be spontaneous (with her sister-in-law) is gone forever!)

It is for this reason I can’t understand why people would rather not send eCards than pay the few cents a day to belong to an eCard Club like Say It With eCards.

IF I were rich… I would provide these eCards free of charge… just so more feelings could be shared spontaneously in-the-moment!

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