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Passover eCards – Remembering and Supporting the Troops

March 14th, 2007 by roz

Living in New York City and experiencing 911 firsthand I have discovered what freedom is really all about. It shames me to admit that I, like many others, took it for granted. It shames me to think I needed a catastrophe to awaken my understanding of the sacrifices being made so that I can come and go when I please, where I please.  (Needless to say, we may be able to come and go as we please, but I am not sure all of us feel the same safety or security we did before. I know I don’t!

It is because of this each time I design I do my best to design patriotic eCards with the troops in mind. So many are away from their families at holiday time, it is my small way of acknowledging them and showing a bit of gratitude.

With Passover right around the corner Tuesday I uploaded a collection of Patriotic Passover eCards.

These Pesach eCards can be found at:

Jewish Holidays/Passover/Patriotic


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Shalom and Happy Passover In Advance.

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