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Happy Hanukkah – Over 100 Say It With eCards Ways…

December 8th, 2006 by roz

Say It With eCards provides over 100 ways to say Happy Hanukkah with the huge assortment of Hanukkah eCards offered on the club website.

Say It With eCards Hanukkah eCards categories include:

With Say It With eCards you can be sure your Hanukkah eCards recipients WILL NOT see your card coming and going from their mailbox.  For me… This statement takes on a new life as I vividly remember this past Thanksgiving Day.

I received “at the least” a half-dozen (or more) of the SAME Thanksgiving Day eCard.  While the card was fabulous the first time around, from there on it became a drudge to have to watch it over and over as that was needed to get to the end, where the sender’s message appeared.

This is NOT to say the sender’s note was any less meaningful or appreciated — NOT AT ALL!!! I received Thanksgiving eCards from people I had not expect to and that was the greatest pleasure of all!  On the other end of the spectrum, seeing the same card “over and over” was not pleasurable and became a job in itself!

I hope my meaning comes through loud and clear.  With Say It With eCards you will choose from more than 100 Hanukkah eCards designs. These designs are exclusive to the Say It With eCards web site and/or Roz Fruchtman.  Roz is a NYC Digital Artist who discovered her talent for Digital Art quite unexpectedly when needing a Passover image many years ago.  Designing is Roz’s greatest passion so there are always new Judaic eCards designs being added!

As a holiday bonus Say It With eCards is offering TWO FREE “full Judaic eCards Club Memberships” with EACH new signup from now until January 1, 2007 at 11:59PM.

CONSIDER THIS: Sign up for a Say It With eCards Club Membership at the regular fee of $19.95 and receive THREE memberships for the price of one.  This offer provides TWO FREE Hanukkah gifts for you to give to those special to you.  What a bargain!


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